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Frequently Asked Questions for FBA shipment

International express is used to provide door-to-door service, including pick-up, customs clearance and from customs clearance service to delivery to the consumer. It is highly suitable for small parcels, documents or valuable goods that need international transportation.

In recent years, the development of international express in China has been very rapid and is growing more and more every year at a very fast speed. So that international express companies have no time to add outlets in Chinese cities to increase the service window. And are getting far from meeting the needs of export foreign trade enterprises. The Chinese market has also become an important area that international express companies cannot ignore.

With the development of electronic commerce, international express also monopolised the market by being the traditional fourth big express. And it gradually appeared in the direction of Chinese local domestic express so it can enter the international market.

The difference between international express and domestic express

The International express is more of a broad way to do transportation in and out of the country and plays a major role in the import and export of cargo. But the domestic is just to transport goods within the country. To look at their differences in more details look at below:

  • International express is a kind of logistics service that handles the transportation of goods between the states and the countries, and the domestic express is only a way of logistics to transport goods from door to door within the territory of China.
  • International express parcel exports need to declare export to the customs of the country of export. And the destination country needs to apply for entry to the destination customs. Moreover, the different products need to provide specific import and export documents, such as the "packing list" and "commercial invoice". Domestic express is very straightforward and simple; it only needs to fill in a courier face list.
  • The mode of transportation is rather different in both. The international express is done through different means of transports like a truck pickup, air transport, truck delivery etc. But the domestic express is done with just one type of transportation, and that is the truck.

Why do we use the international express delivery channels

Why should you use our international express delivery channels instead of directly contacting with international courier companies? A lot of foreign trade export enterprises will have such questions. Well, the International express company is easy to contact and also can register directly shipped accounts. Why is it necessary to send international courier parts through international freight forwarding? Is the channel price is not higher? What about Lower efficiency? To clear all of the questions mentioned above, below are the advantages of using our channels and the disadvantages of directly cooperating with courier companies.

  • 1. Cost: The cost of our international express freight will be much lower than that of your direct cooperation with international express freight.
  • 2. Documents: we will assist you in each step of international express customs clearance and the documents required. But the International express will not provide such services to you; you will need a professional documentation to prepare this information.
  • 3. Additional services: we will provide a new packaging to goods from different places together, and then we will send those goods. We also provide services for your goods like capturing photographs for the record, assigning check number, doing a quality inspection, providing labels, removing unwanted information, storing in our warehouses etc. While the international express company has no such service.
  • 4. Settlement: To get the services of International Courier Company you will need to pay in advance or some cash in advance to help you arrange the delivery. While our approach is flexible.
  • 5. Different channels: the International express company is not the same regarding service and the benefits in all over the world. They have different branches in different cities of China, and each branch’s services are different. Such as the service of Hong Kong FedEx is very different from the services of Shenzhen FedEx in many ways including efficiency, rates, delivery time etc. If you choose to cooperate with the International express companies, then they will only generally tell you the local international express company of the area you want, and you will not be able to cooperate with much international express companies in that area, meaning that you can only choose some of the express companies. While we are completely different. We provide more than a dozen channels of the international courier companies for you to choose. So, when you have a different customer with different area and needs, you can choose the best suitable channel for international courier company with our help.
  • 6. Timeliness: We use our account that only needs 1 to 2 days to deliver the cargo to the international express company. Meaning that we use channels which delivers the order directly. But with the international express company, your order will be delayed by 1 to 2 days.

We have years of experience and good relations with international express delivery channels. Our area of expertise is specially focused towards solving the problems of our clients regarding transportation. We provide with the best rates, transport options, delivery time and quality to our customers which they cannot get by directly going to the international express company. Moreover our team of professionals is dedicated day and night to serve our clients.